RedCloth is a module for using the Textile markup language in Ruby. Textile is a simple text format that can be converted to HTML, eliminating the need to use HTML directly to create documents, blogs, or web pages. Textile gives you readable text while you’re writing and beautiful text for your readers. If you need to break out into HTML, Textile allows you to do so easily.

Try RedCloth

Textile Reference

Installing RedCloth 4

Using RubyGems

$ gem install RedCloth

RedCloth will compile the C extension and install. RedCloth is available for native Ruby, JRuby, and Win32 platforms.

NB: The RedCloth gem name is CamelCase, not lowercase. If you mistakenly do a gem install redcloth, you’ll get ERROR: could not find redcloth locally or in a repository.

From source

To install from source, get it from the repository:

$ git clone git://
$ cd redcloth
$ rake install

You’ll need echoe and Ragel to compile it.

Using RedCloth"Some text").to_html
  #=> "<p>Some text</p>"

See the Official Textile Reference Manual for RedCloth 4 for help with Textile formatting.

Reporting bugs

Bug tracking is on GitHub

For the latest information on installing, bugs, and contributions, see the development site.